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DAW – digital audio workstations – free, of course!


This group of applications belong firmly on the creative side of life!  The ability for the average person on the street to create a professional sound track of any genre, the ability to create and precisely mix 4, 8, 16 or more sound tracks and author an original creation didn’t exist a few years ago.  […]

Free Surveys!


If you don’t live alone on a tropical island, chances are at some point you will be able to use a survey.  Whether for your PTO, book club, block party, bowling league, etc… if ever you need to collect information from a group of people, the survey is the can opener of choice to get […]

Free Photo FUN!


When image editors or photo sofware is mentioned, one name comes up amongst pros – Photoshop.  But that package is pricey, and there are many alternatives that are not only way cheaper, but easier to use and a better match for most people’s photo and image work.  While I would be remiss if I said […]

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