Best Free iPad Apps

Best Free iPad Apps

The excitement around the iPad is almost as great as that surrounding the new Barbie doll, just bigger kids and a higher sticker price!  All kidding aside, Apple has done what many manufacturers have tried unsuccessfully for more than a decade to do, and that is to create a market for a tablet computer. 

The good news is that they started with a mature iPhone / iTouch base that includes not only a tried and proven operating system, but a fully stocked app store as well!  Which of course brings us to the whole point of this article – the free apps that you really want!

There are plenty of sites and blog posts out there to tell you which are the top apps, even the top free ones. Truth is, you are going to be the best judge of which apps fit you the best.  The beauty of the app is the personal productivity factor (or some would say fun factor) that apps add to an otherwise vanilla computing device.  Apps make a personal computing device the equivalent of a Harley motorcycle – an infinitely customizable statement of who you are.

So here are some of the best lists of apps, along with some good reasons to visit those lists and what you can expect to find.

  1. Walletpop – 10 best free iPad downloads.  I like this list because the author has great pictures with each recommended app, they really are free (though a couple do encourage you to buy content), and all of them (almost all) DO something, not just provide you with content to absorb.
  2. Extremetech – Top 20 free apps.  This actually has more than the top 20, and covers some very cool apps that can bridge the gap between home and work.  This list is also unique in the focus on apps that are uniquely designed for the iPad and not just oversized iPhone apps.
  3. Makeuseof – This is another top 10 list, but the real value of this link is the comment links that point to yet more collections of free iPad apps.  The 10 in this list are all ones you should probably download, but they are obvious ones that you are probably already using if you have an iTouch or iPhone.
  4. FreeiPadApps – This is a recently created blog that focuses on iPad applications that are, well, free!  The nice thing about this list is that it continues to get better – 9 application review posts in May alone.  You can keep checking back here, like you do with, for newer, better content!
  5. PCWorld – 9 excellent and free apps.  The focus here was on exploiting the iPad’s unique strengths.  By this time you will see some overlap between lists, but there are still several apps in here that you won’t find in one of the earlier lists.  The majority of apps in this list are media focused.
  6. Tablet.blorge – A top forty list of free iPad apps that contains lots of basics that are very functional and cover a wide range of reference materials in addition to games and media apps.
  7. iPhoneapplicationlist – Not the shortest URL, and somewhat misleading, but a well organized site that has apps for iPads as well.  The link here takes you to a pre-sorted list of free iPad apps.  This site allows you to sort the list of apps in several ways and to download the apps you decide you like.  This entry completes my list, because after getting the opinions and the pro/cons from the links above, you will be ready to do some power reviewing at this site.

I myself have been to a couple of apple stores and have tried the iPad both in the store and borrowed ones from friends who have already splurged.  While I find the iPad a fun and powerful device to use, I have not gone out and purchased one quite yet.  After reviewing these apps though, I am having second thoughts, and may have to plunk down some cold hard plastic and get my own apple tablet device!

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  1. Hans says:

    Sounds like a good subject for a future article. Any other recommendations?

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  3. Irving Lugar says:

    Hello just stumbled across your site and been browsing around, do you this this would be a good iPod/iPhone converter? Do you know any other good ones?

  4. free ipads says:

    The web-site above states you can pick up a free iPad on the net… Has anyone tried using any of those free iPads offers????

  5. Is it me or did this article make you want to buy an iPad?

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