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If you don’t have an Android phone by now, you either have an iPhone or you are very jealous of the ‘app enabled’.  Having used the new Droid X for a week now, I won’t go into the comparisons and ‘which is better’ discussions, but will get right to the apps for those that have indulged and acquired an Android phone of one flavor or another.

Multiple versions of the Android OS exist, with the heavily anticipated Froyo due out any day.  Those of you with older versions, you can either upgrade if your hardware will support it, or pick up another great (& newer) Android phone. Many of the killer apps that were add on’s not too long ago are now part of 2.1, or Froyo, AKA 2.2. Some apps that may have actually come with your phone were killer apps in the market not too long ago.  Apps like Swype, my personal favorite, that comes baked in to the Droid X.  If you have not heard of swype, it allows you to draw words on the touch keyboard, enabling amazing speed and accuracy with the onscreen keyboard.  This little app renders the chicklet keyboards of other devices ludicrously inadequate.  Don’t believe me – try it.

For a list of sites that can give you some great free apps, and a little about each, see the list below.

Free Android App sites to check out!

Lifehacker Dozen – Great selection of items that are all valuable.  Use the next/previous buttons on the right to maneuver through the selections.

Top 30 free android apps for 2010

Comments have great content on this one – sgyamba’s list is great.  Check out the rant at the end of jds0912′s comment, and the link referenced after several ATK comments.

The Android Market – rates the top free apps.  Duh!

free android-ware

This is a cool site because they took the time to develop a graphic design that puts more emphasis on the appearance of the app thumb nail than on the text describing it.  From a user interface (UI) perspective, what better way to evaluate an app?  White tabs at the top are real, links underneath are cleverly disguised ads.  Lots of apps.

Top 40 best free android apps (games!)

Wide variety of entries across several categories.  GPS Status is one of my favorites from this link.  If you aren’t into the games, get past the first portion of the list for more meat.

6 free Android apps to make you drop your iPhone

While I agree with 4 of the 6, they are all google apps, so no surprise there.  His top pick I can’t endorse, nor the ROM emulator for Nintendo games (if you play those games, you will be thrilled I am sure.  Google voice in particular is awesome.

70 free cool android apps.

70 is too many.  They have several descriptions that sound more like marketing jargon than an actual reviewers comments, but they also have a few app nuggets worth collecting.  Meebo IM is one of those.  Several of the categories mentioned won’t be of interest, and several apps are no longer necessary, as they have been incorporated into later releases.  Current music player and SMS client are two suspects I have of not adding significant interest.

My list – If you made it this far, you are truly a glutton for punishment.  My picks are:

Swype – draw your way to the fastest text entry known to man.  If your android phone is 2.0 or later, it is built in, but you have to select it as the keyboard method default.  You won’t regret it!

Gdocs & gmail for gmail users.  If you have a google account, the integration is huge!

Other google apps, like navigation, earth, sky map, voice, finance, listen – Android and Google go together like peanut butter and jelly.  These tools are amazing, and set the performance standard in the Android environment. – As mentioned in free financial apps in an earlier blog, this is a great free service on the web, and the android tool makes it even more indispensable!

Scanner radio – This is the ultimate cop show, right on your phone!  Allows you to tune in to local police scanner traffic and here what is going on right now!

Daily Bible – For those that want to stay in the word, this app provides several great options, including the daily plan that allows you to read the entire Bible in a year and balances new, old and proverbs in a relational way.

There are so many great apps, and so little space!  Explore and let me know the ones you really like!

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  2. I recently picked up the HTC Incredible. I really like it. Much better than the Droid or Droid X IMO. The X is just too oversized. The HTC is still right-sized enough and does all of the stuff I need. Check it out if you desire the best option.

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