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Best Free iPad Apps

Best Free iPad Apps

The excitement around the iPad is almost as great as that surrounding the new Barbie doll, just bigger kids and a higher sticker price!  All kidding aside, Apple has done what many manufacturers have tried unsuccessfully for more than a decade to do, and that is to create a market for a tablet computer. 

Free Finance Apps!


Not only can you use awesome financial tools to increase your funds for free, but you can also use Bundle to see how you compare with your neighbors on your spending!  The availability and quality of free financial tools on the web is amazing until you consider the profit finance companies can make with the […]

Easter Eggs are Free!


It is a time of the year when retail stores of every stripe are filled with chocolate, malted milk, jelly – in fact, all sorts of edible eggs!  Here at Free Apps, we celebrate a different flavor of Easter Egg, the virtual flavor!

Two-fer, with Tucows & Butterscotch


There is a first for everything, and today was the first time that I have seen two completely separate websites that are intrinsically linked.  Tucows, for those oldsters like me that have been around the internet since the dark ages a decade ago, was the quintessential free software site.  The original, the letters stood for […]

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