Free Finance Apps!


Not only can you use awesome financial tools to increase your funds for free, but you can also use Bundle to see how you compare with your neighbors on your spending!  The availability and quality of free financial tools on the web is amazing until you consider the profit finance companies can make with the cloud business model.

DAW – digital audio workstations – free, of course!


This group of applications belong firmly on the creative side of life!  The ability for the average person on the street to create a professional sound track of any genre, the ability to create and precisely mix 4, 8, 16 or more sound tracks and author an original creation didn’t exist a few years ago.  Today, it is possible to do all this and more with your PC.  And, like many other categories of software, the versions that are free are quite often the best available.

Free Surveys!


If you don’t live alone on a tropical island, chances are at some point you will be able to use a survey.  Whether for your PTO, book club, block party, bowling league, etc… if ever you need to collect information from a group of people, the survey is the can opener of choice to get at the rich goodies of collective opinion.

Free Photo FUN!


When image editors or photo sofware is mentioned, one name comes up amongst pros – Photoshop.  But that package is pricey, and there are many alternatives that are not only way cheaper, but easier to use and a better match for most people’s photo and image work.  While I would be remiss if I said that these free packages are the best in all categories, several of them excel in specific areas, and because of their excellent price (free, remember?) you can combine them to accomplish tough jobs with no significant damage to your wallet!

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