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Free Android App Sites!

Android - Lot's of flavors to choose from!

If you don’t have an Android phone by now, you either have an iPhone or you are very jealous of the ‘app enabled’.  Having used the new Droid X for a week now, I won’t go into the comparisons and ‘which is better’ discussions, but will get right to the apps for those that have […]

Free Surveys!


If you don’t live alone on a tropical island, chances are at some point you will be able to use a survey.  Whether for your PTO, book club, block party, bowling league, etc… if ever you need to collect information from a group of people, the survey is the can opener of choice to get […]

Free Office Software!


One of the most frequently used software applications for computer users has to be the word processor or spreadsheet, depending on what task you are trying to solve.  You could pay anywhere from $50 (Star Office by Oracle) to several hundred for the market leading office suite, or you can pay…. NOTHING!  Guess which one […]

Free HTML Editor Review


The saying was, “Excuses are like *holes, everybody has one, and they all stink!”  Maybe that saying applies to the millions of websites on the internet today.  But if you have one or more sites that you are building, supporting or maintaining, you gotta have tools. 

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